How to Avoid Holiday Appliance Repair Problems


Now that the holidays are almost here, have you made sure you’ve taken care of everything on your to-do list? If you are planning on hosting a family gathering for the holidays that requires you to prepare a big meal for a large group, then the last thing you want to deal with is a faulty or broken appliance. Keep reading to get tips from our friendly appliance technicians that can help you avoid untimely disruptions to your holiday events.

Tip #1: Clean Your Oven Ahead of Time

We often get calls from customers during the holidays who are dealing with a broken oven after using its self-cleaning feature. If you want to try out your oven’s self-cleaning feature before your holiday gathering, then make sure you test it out before you need to do any cooking. The self-cleaning feature on some ovens can cause the heating element and fuses to burn out. We suggest using the self-cleaning feature on your oven about two to three weeks before your holiday gathering to give you enough time if it ends up needing repairs.

Tip #2: Organize Your Refrigerator

Since you’re already getting your kitchen setup for the holidays, now is a great time to clean out and organize your refrigerator. But remember, don’t overload the refrigerator with new groceries after you clean it out. If you put too much stuff in your refrigerator it will have to work harder to keep a cool temperature due to the limited airflow.

Tip #3: Clean the Dishwasher

You’re going to have a lot to clean up after your holiday meal, so it’s crucial to do everything you can to maintain your dishwasher. To prevent the dishwasher jets from getting clogged, scrape off excess food. If the jets get too much food in them, it can cause water to flood your kitchen. Our appliance repair technicians recommend running hot water in the sink closest to the dishwasher before you start it up. Doing this keeps the dishwasher’s water hot at the beginning of the first cycle. It’s also important to use the correct amount of soap to keep excess suds from slowing your machine down. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions if you don’t use premeasured soap packets or tablets.

Tip #4: Make Sure You Have Enough Ice

With so many people coming over to celebrate the holidays, you will definitely need to have more ice on-hand than usual. If ice sits in your freezer for too long, it can start to taste or smell like the food you have stored. That’s why you should get rid of all the ice in your freezer and start over with a fresh batch. Simply empty out your ice compartment so it can refill with fresh ice. You can keep the new ice in plastic bags and store it on the freezer shelf so you can stockpile before people come to your house.

Call Atlantic Coast Appliance for All of Your Repairs

Our friendly team at Atlantic Coast Appliance is here to help you with all of your appliance needs so you can have a stress free holiday season. If you find yourself dealing with an appliance emergency during the holidays, then don’t hesitate to give us a call to request your service estimate.

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