Common Refrigerator Problems Homeowners Might Face


Your refrigerator is a staple in your kitchen. Seriously, how else would you keep food in your house besides your snacks and canned goods that are kept in your pantry? Your fridge is a necessary appliance in your home, as it keeps all of your food and beverages chilled and fresh for when you are ready to eat or drink them. However, every homeowner deals with the common refrigerator problem every so often, which can be a serious inconvenience.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing some of the most common issues you might run into with your fridge as a homeowner. Keep reading to find out and how Atlantic Coast Appliance can help you with your repairs!

Water Leaking from Your Fridge

Water leaking from your fridge is a very common problem homeowners face with the appliance. Although the issue is common, it is still concerning because if water leaks onto your kitchen floors, it can damage your flooring and cause members in your household to slip and fall.

Located on the back wall of your freezer is your defrost drain. A blocked defrost drain could be the cause of the leak if there is a buildup of food particles clogging the drain hose. To try and fix this issue yourself, you can flush the drain using warm water and then manually clear out any food or debris that was causing the initial clog.

Another reason for water leaking from your fridge could be a frozen water supply line. If you think this is causing the leak, unplug your fridge and close the shut-off valve. If you aren’t sure where your shut-off valve is located, they are usually under your sink or behind your fridge. After the shut-off valve is closed, check your water supply line and see if there is any visible damage. If there is, call us at (904) 906-3595 so we can come out and diagnose the problem.

Warm Refrigerator

Your fridge is supposed to be keeping your food and drinks cold, not warm. If you open your fridge and notice that it is alarmingly warm, contact Atlantic Coast Appliance right away. Typically, issues with the condenser coils are usually why your fridge is warm, which is where our team can come in and help.

Food is Freezing in the Fridge

While your fridge is designed to keep your food cold, it should not be freezing your food to the point where there is visible frost. If you notice your food is freezing, the thermostat control in your fridge might need to be adjusted. Try adjusting the thermostat a few degrees warmer to see if that helps the issue. If this method doesn’t work and you think your thermostat is broken, our team can help!

Ice Buildup

Your freezer is a necessary component to your fridge as it keeps your food frozen and can make your food last longer. Even though your freezer is a space where you can hold ice, there shouldn’t be an excessive amount of ice buildup. Always make sure your freezer door is closed completely once you are done using it. If the door is left open or even cracked, the humidity levels will rise, which causes the ice buildup. If you know that your freezer door is closed entirely and there is still an excessive amount of ice in the unit, you could have a damaged seal, which is allowing humidity inside the freezer.

Local Refrigerator Repair Near You

At Atlantic Coast Appliance, we understand how important your refrigerator is to your everyday life. If you’re experiencing any of the above problems, contact us for premier refrigerator repair. You can give us a call at (904) 906-3595 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment.

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